We Write the Songs


We Write the Songs is...

a weekly workshop created for students ages 12-18 to equip them with the tools necessary to strengthen their songwriting skills. In this workshop we will explore songwriting techniques, basic music theory essential for songwriting, different genres, and learn to express ourselves through music conveying different ideas and emotions. We will also analyze the work of prominent songwriters throughout history to gather inspiration and learn more about the technique of successful songwriters, taking note of what makes a song popular over time.

It is our hope that this workshop expands the thoughts of every young songwriter participating by providing a broader understanding of music and expression. With continuous participation in this workshop, students should be able to identify different song forms, feel more comfortable writing songs, and understand basic elements of songwriting styles.

This is a great preparatory class for the camp and a great introduction to songwriting. Teaches songwriting skills, gives students an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded students, and perform in front of there peers. There is no other class like this in Macon, especially for students 12-18. Prior music experience is not needed.

The class meets every Saturday from 11:00 - 12:30 PM at the Center For Creative Arts.

Cost is $15/workshop, or $40/month. Scholarships are available!