The Otis Music Camp begins the first week of June, continuing for two weeks, in Macon, GA. Otis Music Campers experience a high level of music forums conducted by key leaders in the industry. Professional and collegiate musicians of all genres of music, come from across the United States to Macon, GA. each summer to help develop the voices and instrumental abilities of our campers. Throughout the week a variety of music industry professionals ranging from touring musicians to music managers come to camp to interact with our campers, perform a presentation and Q&A session. The campers work vigorously for two-weeks with the guidance of our counselors to write, record and perform their own songs at the camp’s grand finale.

The 2019 Otis Music Camp will take place June 3-14, with the finale performance at the Grand Opera House in Downtown Macon on Saturday, June 15. The Otis Music Camp is open to children ages 12- 17 years of age. Applications are now open. Apply via the button below!

Educating children through music was a dream of my husband’s, this camp’s emphasis on creativity and inspiration is something I think he would have been proud of and it is the kind of program we will continue to foster through our Foundation.
— Zelma Redding, Founder of the Otis Redding Foundation