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Sophie leveille

Sophie attends Mercer University where she studies Music and marketing. Leveille has been interested in singing and performing from a young age and has been involved in a variety of projects through bands and musical theater. The singer spends most of her time writing in a variety of styles that include opera and pop.


Steven ledbetter

Steven was brought to Macon for the Midsummer Macon program where he met his band mates for acts such as Xavii and Truffelina, who have one a handful of Eleventh Hour Awards. Ledbetter graduated from Georgia College & State University with a BA in Music in 2017. During his tenure at GCSU, Ledbetter performed with a myriad of ensembles, including the GC&SU Jazz Band, Wind Symphony, Percussion Ensemble, Advanced Improv Group and Brass Ensemble and collaborated with featured artists such as Victor Goines and Blake Tyson through these outlets. Additionally, Steven filled the percussion duties on a total of three Musicals, including "Chicago," "Anything Goes"and "Green Day's American Idiot." 

Aside from performing, composing and recording, Steven also has played in various church praise bands, wedding bands, jazz combos, and bluegrass groups. He is currently accepting students of all ages for percussion, keyboards, and guitar in Macon and the surrounding areas, as well as music theory and music technologies including Pro Tools and GarageBand.


mckinely starks

McKinley  is a Mercer graduate where he majored in Voice and a minored in Theater. He has been playing piano since he was 3 years old and has been accompanying singers, instrumentalist and pit orchestras since he was 12 years old. Stark’s other passions include hiking and camping, reading and writing, knitting and sewing and playing with his cat, Sweat Pea.


brian olson

Brian has been playing the guitar since he was 16 years old. He received formal music training at the College of Charleston for two years in jazz guitar studies, before deciding to move back to Atlanta. Brian is self-taught on banjo, mandolin, and fingerstyle guitar, and is perfectly comfortable with all three. Since moving to Macon, Brian has played in the orchestra for multiple Theater Macon shows, and has played in venues around town with his wife, Georgia Olson. It is a privilege to be able to share his musical talents with the community in Macon.

The Otis Redding Center for Creative Arts

The center was closed for a short time due to renovations but has re-opened its doors. The Otis Redding Foundation has staffed the center with talented coaches eager to share their music knowledge. The Otis Redding Center for Creative Arts is open to children of all ages with or without musical background. 

The center offers voice, piano, guitar and percussion lessons and is next door to the Otis Redding Foundation offices located in Downtown Macon.

For inquiries about lessons please contact us:

Phone: (478) 742-5737